Submissions – CLOSED UNTIL 2021

Submissions are now CLOSED until 2021. So please do not submit, as it will go unread. We need to take an extended publishing break after BC #6 (December) comes out, for family and personal reasons. But we will be back in just over a year, and look forward to reading more of your wonderful work then.





Bonnie’s Crew was originally started to raise awareness of congenital heart disease, and funds for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund / Leeds Congenital Hearts Unit, with the tagline ‘poems helping hearts of all sizes’. It has now become a soothing corner of the literary internet, touching the hearts of readers in emotional ways as well – and starting in February, it won’t just be helping hearts with poems, but with fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art as well!

Please read our About page for more information before submitting. If you want to help hearts of all sizes – in literal and figurative ways – by sharing your poetry, you’ve come to the right place.

We like poems about a range of things: hope, hearts, love, anxiety, hospitals, children, babies, friends, nature, history, family – try me, I have eclectic tastes… as for how the poetry feels – from upbeat and positive to dark and doubtful, there are as many poetic tones as there are human emotions and they’re all fine with me! Read what we’ve published up to now for an idea if you’re still unsure.

From February 2019 we will be moving to a bi-monthly web journal published in February / April / June / August / October / December.

Because of this change to a web journal format, we will also now be accepting visual art and a small amount of creative nonfiction and fiction – also along the same themes/tones/vibes (however you like to look at it) as the poetry, see above – for publication from February 2019 onward.

If you’d like to be part of Bonnie’s Crew, please read the following and submit:

• Send

  • 1-5 poems
  • up to 5 images (.jpg please)
  • 1-2 pieces of creative nonfiction (up to 2,500 words each)
  • 1-3 pieces of flash fiction
  • 1-2 short stories (up to 2,500 words each)

to Kate at in the body of the email, or a word document (.doc, .docx, .rtf – no PDFs please!)

• include a short third-person bio

• Previously published work is fine, but let me know where they’ve been seen before, so I can give credit.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but PLEASE remember etiquette where this is concerned: let me know ASAP if it is accepted elsewhere first, and should I accept your work first, please withdraw it from other markets. I didn’t accept simultaneous subs here for the first year, but I don’t want the few problems I’ve come across with it at my other journals to spoil it for responsible simultaneous submitters.

• I will respond within two weeks (usually much faster, very occasionally a little slower).

I look forward to reading your work!