Bonnie’s Crew #5 – October 2019

Welcome to the October issue of Bonnie’s Crew.

In this issue we have a fortune cookie that encourages free will, a rowan tree, a guitar, poems by medical professionals and therapists, a long poem about a ska band, and much more besides.

Trigger Warning/Content Note for: hospitals, death, bereavement, baby loss, infertility, child abuse, and spiders/butterflies/insects.

Featuring art and writing by Stuart Buck, Beth Brooke, Jonathan Humble, Laura Tavasse, Maggie Mackay, Fizza Abbas, Penny Sharman, Yuan Changming, Jo Barbara Taylor, Peter Burrows, Catherine Zickgraf, Stephen Mead, Eli Dagger, Maxine Rose Munro, Margaret Royall, Prem Sylvester, Susan Castillo Street, Susannah Violette, Charley Barnes, Juliette Sebock, Linda M. Crate, Fredrick Martyn, Lauren Ranson, Carla Durbach, Pratibha Castle, Tina Edwards, Richard LeDue, Beric Garrett, Mel Wardle Woodend, Andrew Talbot, Jacqui Pack, Stephen Pennell, and Scott Redmond.

Bonnie’s Crew is edited by Kate Garrett (Bonnie’s mum), with some supervision from the Captain herself.

Click here to download the issue as a PDF: Bonnie’s Crew – Issue 5 – October 2019

Or below to read on Issuu.


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