Bonnie’s Crew #3 – June 2019

Welcome to our third issue of Bonnie’s Crew, full of writing and art for helping hearts.

We have a new feature this month – audio! I’m happy to say we can now host audio files of work published in the journal, or if you are a spoken word artist or musician, we can ‘publish’ you on our SoundCloud and link from the magazine with the rest of the work.

Our first audio track is ‘Safe in Our Vardo Tonight’, a Romani lullaby/poem by Raine Geoghegan with guitar accompaniment from her husband Simon. You can listen to it here on SoundCloud.

There is a TW/CN on this issue for poems mentioning Planned Parenthood/abortion/infertility (not graphic, but the mention of these things); cancer; needles/blood tests; court proceedings; religion/god (Christianity). I hope this covers all possible triggers, just in case.

This issue features poetry, nonfiction, and art by Susan Castillo Street, Sheikha A., Deirdre Fagan, Gill Lambert, Scott Elder, Mary Percy-Burns, Catherine Zickgraf, Susannah Violette, Geraldine Clarkson, Margarita Serafimova, Peter Burrows, Paula Nicolson, Beth O’Brien, Maxine Rose Munro, Kit Casey, Lisa Lerma Weber, Bethany W Pope, Sam Rose, Juliette Sebock, Fredrick Martyn, S.A. Leavesley, Gerard Sarnat, Rickey Rivers Jr, Julia Clark, John Grey, Vicky Allen, Eli Dagger, Adam Levon Brown, Rebecca Torres-Holland, Ashley Elizabeth, Sanjeev Sethi, Stephen Bone, Paul Robert Mullen, and Raine Geoghegan.

Click to download/read as a PDF: Bonnie’s Crew – Issue 3 – June 2019

Or read it on Issuu:


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