Bonnie’s Crew #2 – April 2019

Welcome to the second issue of Bonnie’s Crew!

It’s spring for most of us, autumn for some (if you’re reading from the southern hemisphere), and this issue is full of endings and beginnings, renewal, meditations – on nature, the universe, ourselves – and the experiences with hope, hospitals, and hearts that always find a home in Bonnie’s Crew.

There is a CN / TW on this issue for: medical procedures / surgery / hospitals, passing mention of cancer, childhood illness, pregnancy, depression and other unspecified mental health issues, addiction, grief.

The potentially upsetting things are dealt with in a gentle way at Bonnie’s Crew, but as we are a safe place we will always give trigger warnings. Only read if you feel strong enough if any of the above issues affect you.

This issue includes poetry, creative nonfiction and art by S.A. Leavesley, Lisa Stice, Claire Walker, Finola Scott, Deirdre Fagan, Mary Percy-Burns, Ciara Banks, Sarah L Dixon, sharon l green, Raine Geoghegan, Samuel J Fox, Geraldine Clarkson, Erik Fuhrer, Peter Clive, Fabrice Poussin, Scott Elder, Marilyn Timms, Gill Lambert, Ashley Elizabeth, Ali Jones, Susan Castillo Street, Sam Rose, Rachael Ikins, Kathleen Strafford, Charley Barnes, Rachel Tanner, Anne Walsh Donnelly, Alexandra Carr-Malcolm, Linda M. Crate, Edward Lee, Sanjeev Sethi, Amanda McLeod, and Caroline Hardaker. Bonnie’s Crew is lovingly edited by Kate Garrett.

Click the link to download/read the issue in PDF form:

Bonnie’s Crew – Issue 2 – April 2019

Or read it on Issuu:

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