Nobody Likes Cold Feet by Greg Walker

Nobody Likes Cold Feet

nobody likes a lover
with cold feet

i mean frozen toes
beneath the covers

or frigid digits
escaped from snow boots

pressed against
your naked thigh

but one body lives
to warm another

fetch a pair of fuzzy socks
or share a fire place

embracing the challenge
of turning cold into comfortable
estranged into ecstatic

we might be afraid
to face the flames

the prick of feeling again
like a hundred pins

or of making our lover
feel our icy skin

but a fiery future awaits
and our hearts will thank us

when the warmth of love
wraps us both up again

like a bulky blanket
like a nice hot bath

drawn by one sensitive

partner or another

Greg Walker is a poet turned musician turned poet (who still writes music, from time to time). He fell in love with poetry in high school when he mentored with Baltimore poet Rosemary Klein. He was introduced to the greats, like Milton and Donne and Whitman and Shakespeare, in college at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Discovered more contemporaries, like Carl Sandburg and Mary Oliver and Billy Collins, on his own. And has been trapped in (and released by) the snarl of words ever since.

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