Poem: The Enchantress by Monica Kagan

The Enchantress

A night enchantress,
she casts her spell
on my psyche’s
twisted branches.

Her coat, black-inked
restores each twig.

Eyes of cerulean blue
inject strands of moonlight
through my veins.

One by one my shadows
fall beneath her padded paws.

Monica Kagan lives by the sea in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her wonderful cat. She enjoys bewitching words and is a reader at FICTION on the WEB. Her work appears in the Slim Volume: This Body I Live In anthology of poetry and flash fiction (Pankhearst, UK), Bonnie’s Crew (UK), Fourth & Sycamore (USA) and at FICTION on the WEB (UK), among others. Her flash fiction piece “The Staircase” was published in Rhythm & Bones Literary Journal (USA) in October 2018. Twitter: @MonicaOFAH

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