Poem: Child, Lost by Gillian Davies

Child, Lost

Where are you now?
For, as the years go by and your sister grows
I wonder if I see you in her eyes
Perhaps the tilt of her head as she reads
Books you will never see,
Finger scraping softly on the pages
Chocolate smudge, residue of interest,
The traces that a ghost will never leave.
She speaks, I hear echoes,
Sibilant cadence of a childish lisp
Following her speech in halting whisper
So distant… and then tears fall in your name.
She sits amidst sunshine
Amongst flowers, ever denied to you,
I see a shadow with hands outreaching
I watch, count the freckles on her skin and
multiply them by two.
For I will forever see your presence.
In the misted tears of childhood mishaps
Or fairy-lit gleam of Christmas mornings.
Are you there with angels
Or, not born, in some silent place, content
Within darkness and without memory
Still waiting for your turn to come again?
Where are you now?
Here, within my heart.


This poem was first published in Voices from the Web Special Edition 2011-2012.

Gillian Davies lives in a small village in Wales, on the edge of a National Park. Being the eldest of a group of cousins, she started to make up her own stories to entertain them and began submitting to writing sites. Some of her short stories and poetry have been published in anthologies and she is currently completing her second novel. She has had five children but only one that survived. Her poem ‘Child, Lost’ is about that experience.

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