Two poems by Tianna G. Hansen


The edges of my reality blur
as I gaze into his eyes.
In them I see
my past, vanquished,
my future, renewed.
I see all I could ever
yearn for, yet never
dared to dream.

I smile as the words
leave my lips, molding
my fate to his.

“I do.”


In Bloom

Stroke my stem
with silent fingers
top to bottom

Fondle bristling leaves
drops of blood against
thorns, prick milky skin

Full petals blossom,
open to the touch of
warm radiance

Mouthful of roses
hot steam breath
blowing kisses
into the wind

Tianna G. Hansen is a budding writer who is soon to be married and finds herself writing more love poems recently. Her work has been published widely and can be found at She is the founding editor of the webzine Rhythm & Bones (, an outlet for beautiful darkness. Follow her adventures @tiannag92.

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