Poem: Bloodline by Roy Møller


It couldn’t be sharper
if it were filmed by
László Kovács.
I lost the snap
but feel the heat
of blistering Falmouth holiday lawn.
My cheesecloth shirt’s so ’77,
patterned like a Battenburg.
I’m squinting at a hardback,
a birthday present
from Alex Haley
via my parents,
a blockbuster papered in silver.
I’m 14 now and lapping up
the line of Kunta Kinte.
Roots? There’s no thought in my head
yet of tracing my strain.


I lost the album
but hold in my head
the plastic coat
and tight checked shirt
I wear as we wait at Prestwick
to jumbo jet to Toronto.

We touch down
to make the rounds
of Mum and Dad’s scattered clan –
for me, adopted relations.
I hold in my head
Pearson airport postered –
red choker on fetching neck,
X-certificate love and death
scored by Morricone,
a Paramount smash of ’79 –
Sidney Sheldon’s Bloodline.

Roy Møller was conceived in Toronto, Canada and born in Edinburgh, Scotland  in 1963. He started writing poetry in his teens. He moved into songwriting and performing in his twenties, eventually releasing seven solo albums. Returning to poetry, Roy has been published in the likes of Ink, Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems and Lighthouse Literary Journal. His first collection, Imports, was published in December, 2014 and he is a contributor to the anthology Neu! Reekie! #UntitledTwo.

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