Two poems by Andrew Mark Bedell

Where did all those years go?

Let’s play hide and seek in the meadow
Like we did when we were kids
Let’s drink lemonade and eat Monster Munch
And ride bicycles down Sycamore
Let’s buy 10p mixes and milky bars
And vinyl from our favourite record store
Let’s watch Doctor Who and Saturday superstore
Play Donkey Kong, Pacman and pinball
Life was so much easier when we were young
Tell me where did all those years go?


Angels with dirty faces

Angels with dirty faces
Playing leap frog in the yard
Ripped jeans and tatty trainers
Chewing gum and acting hard
Telling tales out of school
Riding bmx bikes on dirt tracks
Chased by the farmer
Who wants you off his land
Back home for tea
Watching the professionals and Miami Vice
On portable TV’s in your bedroom
As posters of Ultravox and Debbie Harry
Gaze down at you on the bed
Zx81 computers so basic
But amazing at the time
No moble phones or internet
4 channels on tv
Shutdown at midnight
Then only the radio for entertainment
The Jam, the Smiths, the Stranglers
New romantic , ska, mod and punk
They knew how to make tunes back then.

Andrew Mark Bedell has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He is a support worker and works with people with learning difficulties, helping them to live independent lives in their own homes. He has lived in Rotherham for most of his life, and can often be found performing his poetry at local open Mic events.

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