Two poems by Harry Gallagher

Amusement Park

The tickle of time skips
its merry way past
and it’s back to Sundays
with a tiny wee one.

Gurning for laughter,
those tricks of distraction;
drawing in breaths
and the cooing of strangers.

Be an amusement park!
A whizzing, popping,
heart stopping, jaw dropping
high octane ride.

And only fall asleep
when I have gone home.


Summer’s Last

As the seafront echoes to
talk of icecream weather
and how the washing
can wait until the morning

and all-walked-out children
piggyback up the slipway
on crispyskinned parents
who are planning for bedtime,

hemmed in behind the bars
of an offshore windfarm,
awaiting its jailbreak,
Autumn gathers its anvils.

‘Summer’s Last’ was first published by Celebrating Change.

Harry Gallagher is widely published in the UK and overseas. His new pamphlet ‘Tan’ is out now from Black Light Engine Room Press and his book ‘Northern Lights’ was published by Stairwell Books last year. He performs all over the UK.

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