Poem: I Gave Birth in the Fall Time by Kiley Creekmore

I Gave Birth in the Fall Time

I thought I could bury my heart
in the earth body of another
I took it out of me (cobwebbed thing it was), handed it over
to him, blew off the dust and
I sang the songs, mended the worms,
and fed the dirt
my tears.
I learned that you can’t grow a springtime
in another person, though,
without your own heart.
I ripened a winter inside myself (slushy soul it became), and I
almost froze
to death. Almost.
I didn’t know then that I had a sun inside of me, complete
with a heart, and the ability to grow a summer time under
pounds of snow.
I vowed to find my heart again, buried it back deep inside (of me),
and it drummed the songs to my son’s heart
of love and courage.

Kiley Creekmore is a writer residing somewhere in the universe with her son and cats. Her poetry has most recently been published in Street Light Press,  Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore, and Full Moon & Foxglove: An Anthology of Witches & Witchcraft.

Our JustGiving page is open for donations to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund – no amount is too small if you feel moved to support.

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