Poem: Bonnie Be by Judi Sutherland

Bonnie Be

Be of good heart, full of the love
and lifeblood of your family.
Like heart cells that divide from each other,
stand alongside each other
and learn to beat together
keeping good time.

Be of stout heart, like a pirate queen,
be a sailor on the ocean of your world.
Find a crew that looks out for each other,
haul the ropes together
sing your shanties together
until port’s in view.

And when you’re downhearted,
fainthearted, broken hearted,
remember how, in your first few days,
your small heart mended
as it grew. You have done that once
and can do it again.

Be a braveheart, like a tiny fist shaking.
Be a great work of your own life’s making.

Judi Sutherland is a poet living in Barnard Castle, County Durham. Her pamphlet ‘The Ship Owner’s House’ is now available from Vane Women Press (http://www.vanewomen.co.uk/press.php). She blogs at www.judisutherland.com and can be found on twitter @thestaresnest.

Our JustGiving page is open for donations to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund – no amount is too small if you feel moved to support.

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