Poem: A Daughter by Karen Little

A Daughter

A daughter is born as clouds form sea spray. Cast off,
she skims surfaces, defies gravity. She spills notes,
drowns the cry of gulls, rubs five-pronged quartz nails
with her soles; breaks open urchins. Welcoming shy crabs
and startled fish waiting in rock pools, she writes sediment
of skeletons into strange poems, wraps stag beetles in silk,
only to have them vanish like summer’s lop-sided smile.

Resisting the drag, she slow-floats before being charmed out.
Like the cerulean pill-bottle a cruise ship left in its wake,
her heart will be polished to a sea glass gem with caressing.

Karen Little is widely published as a poet in the UK and further afield. Her first novella, ‘Filled with Ghosts’ was published in December 2015, and shortlisted for a Saboteur Award in 2016. Ghost Train Leaving and Ghosts Treading Water, published in 2017, complete the Spanish Spectres trilogy. ‘Tentacles’, ten Poems, ten Illustrations, was published in June 2016.

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